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a Catholic v-bloggers social network;  videoconfence events for groups of up to twelve who meet with the immediacy of face-to-face to share our faith



interactive documentary of Catholic university keynote lectures and AdobeConnect webconference forum events for up to 100 participants; 20 breakout rooms   

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CITVN is our gift to you!


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CITVN is the Global Ethics Network United States Regional Representative. Please contact us at 937-938-5784 to learn more.


86,000 registered participants engaged in ethical issues and research


1,095,717 articles
2,169 books
348 Journals
37 Collections is a global network of persons and institutions interested in various fields of applied ethics. It offers access to a large number of resources on ethics, especially through its leading global digital ethics library and facilitates collaborative web-based research, conferences, online publishing and information sharing.


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Our gift to you ...

CITVN is produced by a Catholic Worker community

of homeless men and women.

We rely upon the generosity of viewers like you to survive. 

If you can ... if you will ... please help us today.

Donors receive Underwriter credit on our next CITVN production:

A Dramatic Illustrated Reading in Five Parts

Run Time: 5:10:12

English with CC Translations: 

French - German - ItalianPolish - Portuguese - Spanish

Distribution Date:  January 2015

Distribution: 132,651 religious, teachers, Global Ethics and LinkedIn thought leaders located in 122 countries

Annual Production Costs:  $7,994

Donations Y.T.D.:  $1,444

CITVN is an exchange of gifts ... CITVN is our gift to you!

Donations are our sole source of revenue. CITVN is organized as an Ohio nonprofit cooperative association owned and operated by homeless men and women. In keeping with the Aims and Means of the Catholic Worker Movement, CITVN is intentionally not 501(c)3 tax-exempt, because we protest war and all forms of violence, believe the Works of Mercy are everyone's responsibility and we pray. Please help us.

You can contact me and receive our featured documentary presentations for free by joining my LinkedIn network here:

May God's peace be with your soul,

Stephen E. DeVol

CITVN Executive Producer

Catholic Worker Movement


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CITVN College Forum


Sacred Space 


Julio Bermudez, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Director – Cultural Studies

School of Architecture

Catholic University – Washington D.C.

CITVN College Forum

CITVN College Forum

CITVN College Forum


CITVN College Forum



A Call to Integrate Faith, Ecology

and the Global Economy



David Kane

Associate for Latin America

Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns

Washington, D.C.



CITVN College Forum

Alternate Text


Tips for a Healthy Life 



Hong Hong Zhu, M.D., MHS, MCS, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Epidemiology

School of Public Health

Saint Louis University 


CITVN College Forum

CITVN College Forum

CITVN College Forum

CITVN College Forum


The Birth of Galaxies 


Duilia F. de Mello, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Department of Physics

Catholic University – Washington D.C.


Research Associate

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center




CITVN and our homeless community

are made possible by the generous support

of people in the pews


Purchase a $120 annual Banner

15,000 page views gauranteed

Call: (937) 938-5784


Purchase a Globus Vacation

CITVN receives 10%


will produce a stunning

video synced to PowerPoint

documentary of your trip 

Call: 937-938-5784

Journey through the Holy Land

Through the Ages: Israel, Jordan & Egypt

Legacy of St. Patrick

Grand Catholic Italy

Lourdes and Shrines of France

Marian Shrines of Europe

The European Reformation

Footsteps of the Apostle Paul

Christmas in Rome- New Years Eve in Venice

Christmas in Bavaria and Austria

Christmas in Paris - New Years Eve in London



Our gift to you! 




CITVN webcast and interactive Talking Landing Page design services are offered to Catholic hospitals, museums, universities and corporations. For more information, please call: (937) 938-5784


CITVN presentations are at its most effective when it combines an expert storyteller with a rich illustration of the concept. Chapters and an interactive Call To Action form can make your Talking Landing Page a useful tool for documentary, weddings, travelogue, art curation, FAQ, eLearning, sales enablement and nonprofit development strategies. 




CITVN is grateful for the opportunity to feature In The Rooms. With over 268,114 members located in 136 countries and growing exponentially, In The Rooms is the largest most trafficked collection of Video Meeting Rooms for 12 Step communities. CLICK HERE to join one of 73 video meetings and share in recovery with the immediacy of face-to-face. 


Help, Inform, Touch, Connect and Heal


Groups include:

Alcoholics Anonymous

Alanon for families of the alcoholic

Narcotics Anonymous

Naranon for families of the drug addict

Overeaters Anonymous

Gamblers Anonymous

Nicotine Anonymous

Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous

Cocaine Anonymous

Marijuana Anonymous

Co-Dependents Anonymous

CITVN is a member of the

National Catholic Council on Addictions



Coming soon


A series of webcast events for faith-based professionals who may be interested in starting an addictions ministry. 3 hours 


$10 registration fee funds a peer-supported Catholic Worker community of homeless men and women in recovery from addictions. Optional: 3 CPE credits for additional $25 fee.


Who should attend:


  • Pastors, Deacons & Directors of Religious Education
  • Parish Peace & Justice Committee
  • K12 school Principal, Teacher, Nurse, Counselor
  • Catholic Hospital administrators and staff
  • Catholic Charities administrators and staff
  • St. Vincent DePaul administrators and staff
  • University Professors - Theology, Psychology, Medical, Nursing, Business


CITVN will screen The Anonymous People, followed by small group discussions for up to 100 attendees per event with 20 breakout rooms for small group discussions.  20 million Americans suffer from addictions. 23 million Americans are in long-term recovery from addictions. Meet filmmaker Greg Williams, learn about a rapidly expanding national human rights movement and the Recovery Bill of Rights.



There Ain't No Resurrection Without That Walk Up Calvary

Stephen DeVol

CITVN Executive Producer

Catholic Worker Movement


Breakout Sessions

Reference materials:


Spiritual Caregiving to Help Addicted Persons and Families





CITVN is produced by a Catholic Worker community

of homeless men and women in recovery from addictions.

CITVN is an exchange of gifts with the poor ...

CITVN is our gift to you!





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